Friday, October 28, 2011

Chocolate and Raspberry Pastries

You'll probably be seeing quite a few cooking/baking posts from least for awhile. Fall has really gotten me in the mood to make yummy things to eat! Today, Jackson was actually hanging around the house instead of out playing with his friends like usual.

So, I thought it would be the perfect time to try out this little pastry I'd had my eye on. It is soooo incredibly easy, perfect to do with little ones. Mine is not so little anymore, but I will take any opportunity to spend some quality moments with him.

This is what you need:
1 pre-made pie crust, jelly/jam, chocolate chips, or any filling of your choice.

That's it!! See? Super simple!
You take the pie crust and cut it like a pizza.

After that you put your filling on each piece. Katie does not like jelly/jam or anything like it, so I made some with Raspberry jelly(which Jackson loves) and some with mini chocolate chips.

Then you simply roll them up like you would a crescent roll.

Bake them at 350 for about 15 minutes. The come out all warm and ready to be eaten. You can eat them right away.

Or you can do like I do, which is give them a few minutes to cool, add a smidge of icing, and take a break with a pastry and a hot cup of coffee.

This is for Tom, I DO NOT drink black coffee. Nope, not me. I have to add sugar and soy milk and get it all creamy. If you wanted to make these prettier, you can cut little slits into the top of each pastry before baking them. Then a bit of the filling will peak out in an oh so cute way. We were making them strictly for eating, so we didn't care too much how pretty they were. They are not almost all gone already...I mean it. I did not sit down and eat 3 at once. Didn't happen.

Making any sweet treats recently? Do tell!


  1. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

    In Fall I like to drink more flavored teas, bake anything pumpkin, and make soups from scratch. So comforting!


  2. There will be more cooking/baking to come! My pumpkin bread will probably be next. So yummy! We had a cold front come through I think I need some soup from scratch! Have a great weekend!