Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Porch : Fall Edition

I decided to decorate my porch for Fall a little early this year. So I got out some decorations and got my porch all "Fall Looking". I guess I am the only one that thought this way though....I digress, we will come back to that in a bit. First let me show you my "Pre Fall Porch"

Kind of boring, I know. I am not the best at being friends with plants....ok, that is an understatement. My home is where plants come to.....die. I have managed to keep the succulents alive because my sweet husband brought them home one day when I was sick. Cue the "awws". What would it say to him if I allowed them to die?  The other plant, um pansy's?? I told you plants come here to die, and now you expect me to know what kind they are??? Ahem, sorry about that. Well the pansy's were brand new, so they hadn't had the chance to bite the bullet yet. Here is was my Fall Porch.

I know, I even put adorable little mice on my pumpkin. What I won't do to make my children happy. Can you see the halo?? Moving along....I was perfectly happy with my porch(or hadn't had time to do anything more). Until earlier this week. My dearest husband came home from talking with our neighbors that live two doors down. Apparantly my porch is vanilla ice cream and Heather's is Decadent Chocolate Truffles. Ok, he didn't exactly say that, but that's what I heard. I think he said something more along the lines of  " Heather was decorating her porch while I was over there talking to them, it looks nice". So then I said, " Does it look nicer than mine"? Do you know what he did?? He looked at my porch and he chuckled. HE CHUCKLED!!  How dare he? As you can imagine I badgered  asked him politely to tell me what was so great about Heather's porch. Then, I did what any normal, well adjusted person would do. I redid my porch. Here is what it looks like now.


What?? There is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition with your neighbors....even if they have no idea that one is going. In any case, I am happier with my porch. More importantly, my sweet husband won't chuckle at it anymore.

What does your Fall Porch look like?

P.S. Do not ask about my door knob. It will give my hubby a reason to chuckle some more.

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