Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Painted Pumpkins

Have you been seeing the painted pumpkins ALL over blogland? I know that I have been loving all the different things that people have been doing with otherwise plain orange pumpkins. Now I am not known for being super crafty. I don't scrapbook, or knit, or even sew. Gasp! I know, how can I be a mom and not sew?
  1. My husband can hem, sew buttons, and any other basic sewing. 
  2. My daughter took sewing lessons last year and is fairly handy with a sewing machine. 
Hey, I want her to have the option of sewing things if she wants to when she gets older. It is not because I have a pile of sewing projects (curtains, table runners, pillow covers) that I need made. I swear!!

Well even though I am not all that crafty, I decided to try my hand at some painted pumpkins. I thought it would be a fun project to do with the kids too. The ones I chose to do, I thought were cute, and not too advanced for someone like me. I decided to do a white striped pumpkin, a black striped pumpkin, and then two painted pumpkins that the kids would really enjoy.

Here are the supplies needed:
  1. Painters tape
  2. Spray paint in your choice of colors(I chose white and black)
  3. A razorblade or something similar.
  4. Regular paint(kid friendly).
Oh yea, and pumpkins!

For the striped pumpkins, Katie and I used the painters tape to mak sections on two of the
pumpkins to create stripes.

For the painted pumpkins, we used painters tape to tape off a large enough section so that we could make a G(to represent our last name) and a pumpkin face.

I also, taped off the stems because I wanted the natural look there.

Above are the striped pumpkins ready to be spray painted and the painted pumpkins are ready to have the shapes cut into them. That part I let Tom do. I didn't want to risk ending up at the ER needing stitches.

So Katie and I took the striped pumpkins outside and spray painted one entire pumpkin black, and one entire pumpkin white. You spray it right over the tape.

Here is one of the painted pumpkins after the G was cut out, ready for my kids to go crazy!

See how we cut the G shape out of all that painters tape?

Here are the pumpkins after being painted.(Yes those blurs are my son and his friend).

Once the paint dried, we peeled the painters tape off each of the pumpkins and Voila!! Fabulous dahling!

I promise the addition of the painted pumpkins have nothing to do with my one sided competition with my neighbor to have the best porch. Does it make mine soooo much better  bring mine up to par?? Yes, I think so.....but that's not the point. The point was to have fun as a family decorating pumpkins a little differently than the usual. And that was a success! Have you taken on any of the pumpkin trends this year?? 


  1. I'm trying to convince Carl to let me paint a few pumpkins this year, but he doesn't like the idea that you "can't see them at night!" I'm still going to keep trying :)

  2. We will be carving some too(my hubby HAS to have pumpkin seeds to bake) but it's a lot of fun to do something different. If you do the painting option where you cut out a face, letter or any other shape, it is especially fun for little ones to get involved. Just a little messy!

  3. I've been tossing this idea around all week but I am also not very crafty and didn't want to take on something way above me. I love the stripes! Adding that to my to-do list this weekend!