Thursday, October 20, 2011


Well, I have obsessed thought about writing a blog for awhile now. I have recently become a blog junkie an avid blog reader and have really enjoyed the insight into decorating, parenting and sometimes just getting a good old laugh that blogs offer. My life is by no means thrilling, unless you find folding laundry and cleaning toilets on the top of your bucket list. But it's my life and I love it and each and every one  of the boring, chaotic, happy, silly, frustrated moments!! (Sure I say that now, wait until tomorrow when I'm screaming  telling my daughter that we are going to be late for school.....again). I guess I just thought why not share my days with other moms, of kids close in age to my own, or those with younger kids(get an idea of what you're in for), or older kids(I'd love to get some comments assuring me that the pre-teen/teen years won't last forever). I can already see the comradery of moms all over coming together to laugh, cry, and sometimes, just be glad they're not me(it's ok, I do that too).
So grab a glass of lemonade(Mike's is ok too) and head to the backyard with me.

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