Saturday, October 22, 2011


Since the weather has been so dreamy, we decided to take a little time to organize our attic. The attic and our garage seem to be the two places in our home that are always needing reorganizing. The garage has a lot to do with our children's toys, bikes, skateboards etc always being moved around.

The attic on the other hand is pretty much the fault of the adults in the house....namely me. Whenever anything gets reorganized or redecorated, or set aside for any reason, it gets put in the hallway to go in the attic. Whenever either of us get the chance, Tom or I will quickly place whatever has been waiting in the hall into the attic. 

I am especially bad about it because I can't stand to have things sitting in the hallway. So I will go up to the attic and cram whatever it is that needs to go up there, wherever I can. It can be teetering on top of a leaning tower of boxes. As long as I can't see it in my hallway anymore, I am happy. 

Unfortunately it makes for quite a messy attic. After awhile, I can't cram things into the attic any longer so some tidying is in order. Here is the before of our attic.

I know, I's embarrassing. I am really going out on a limb showing this to you. Especially this early on. I am a complete bit of a neat freak, so showing this to anyone is a little out of my comfort zone. But if I can tackle this and end up with something organized, anything is possible!

It was not an easy job at the start. As you can see, it was quite messy and crowded. There was barely room for one of us to stand, let alone two. Over the months, we had many, many boxes that ended up combination boxes. What I mean by that is that they may have contained some home decor stuff, some kitchen stuff, and some toys. Or some other combination of things that had no reason to be boxed up together. 

We had to go through pretty much every box and put like things together. We found lots of stuff that we were finally willing to let go of and could donate. Lots of garbage too. We even found some beautiful glasses that we forgot that we had. I was so excited to wash them and get them in our cabinets. All in all, it was worth the hard work, and know I can actually find things when I am looking for them. Here is the attic after.

Ahhh, feels so much better! It's a great feeling when you've known for awhile that something needs to be taken care of, and then you finally do it.

                                    Has the cooler allowed you to tackle a project?

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