Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weekend Planning : How'd I do?

Aahh!!!! I am a so late with this, but I have been so obsessed with my new project, I forgot!!

Clean the house(bathrooms, kitchen, vacuum, tidy kids rooms, family room, and landing)
Fold and put away 2 loads of laundry
Pick up Katie and her 3 friends from school
Order pizza for dinner
Go to Haunted House(not looking forward to this, I don't like being scared)

Probably wake up early because of the four girl sleepover(they stay up late, but are always up early)
Make breakfast(pancakes?) kids decided on cereal
Take a few moments to snuggle on the couch with coffee(remember it's gonna be cold!)
Go to the movies with Tom, Jackson, Katie(and probably at least 1 friend) kids had friends over instead
Wash blankets used at sleepover
Figure out what project I want to work on next. currently working on it!!
Tidied up after the houseful of kids left
Worked on current project(more info soon).

Make grocery list
carve pumpkins(they are so pretty already that I don't want to carve them!)
Make Katie's lunch for Monday
Iron Katie's clothes for the week
Watch some football( I'm pretty sure the Giants are on TV)
Worked on current project
Went to a "haunted house" hosted by some friends.Relax!

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